Many small improvements

We pushed out a point release containing a myriad of improvements and touch-ups.

The most important of these fixes relates to entering email addresses. If you add someone as a friend but make a mistake in their email address (so it’s still a valid-looking email, but it doesn’t work) we pick up that emails are bouncing and tell you. We think that this is a neat feature that really helps the social-networking aspect of BillMonk.

Our loyal and growing user-base alerted us to several content issues, which we have fixed. Examples include:

  • The amount summary on the home page no longer tells you how much you owe or owe in aggregate, because what does do that information do you? It now tells you how much you need to pay your friends, and much they should pay you (which is actionable).
  • “Your Account” now has friendly buttons for not making changes in addition to making changes.
  • The shared-bill summaries sent to cell phones are shorter.

We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions!


2 Responses to “Many small improvements”

  1. Leonardo C. Fraga Says:

    I’ve read in the FAQ that you’re thinking of “going outside the US”. A few minor but important improvement is the alternative to use euros and european dates (DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD).

    By the way, thanks a lot!

  2. my blog Says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

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