New sign-in, different phone model

We pushed out a point release this afternoon. There is a lot of polish (added a friendly summary to the privacy policy, tidied up the FAQ and added more information about phone SMS) and an important change to how we deal with cell phones and the sign-in process.

Before, when you signed in, we asked for your email address and phone number. Now we just ask for your email address. After you sign up (your first-ever login), we take you to a page where you can enter your other email addresses. It makes for a better BillMonk experience if you enter all the addresses that your friends may use to refer to you. We make it clear that we only send account emails to that first email you provided (configurable).

We also show you how you can add your cell phone by sending us a short message (a join-code). So now you use your phone to join BillMonk, rather than telling BillMonk your phone number and letting us figure out how to send a message to your phone. There are a couple of reasons we do this:

  • Anyone in the world, not just the few in the United States, can use BillMonk SMS
  • The new system works much better for certain Verizon users
  • New users will step through sending a SMS message to Bill Monk at least once, which makes them more comfortable with sending SMS messages to us when they’re on the go

Existing users can see this change in “Your Account: Add contact”.

We also changed the site so that you can only invite new people by email, not phone number.

As always, we appreciate feedback. Thanks to all the users whose suggestions led to this change!


One Response to “New sign-in, different phone model”

  1. Alex Says:

    Thank You

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