We’re proud to announce that BillMonk now supports tagging! This powerful new feature gives you more control over reporting and viewing your transactions. Here’s how:

  • Categorize your bills. Pick whatever words (tags) you feel best describe an expense.
  • Drill down by category. On the history page, you can filter the list of transactions by tag. For example, you could choose to see everything that is a “ski-trip” and “meal”.
  • Keep it simple, or see all the details. Not everyone wants to use these advanced features, and you can disable them if you like.


Tagging is great in all sorts of situations. For example:

  • Roommates and couples can tag “utilities”, “rent”, and “groceries”. Want to know how much your house is spending on food? Now it’s easy.
  • On a vacation, you may spend money on hotels, gas, food, and excursions. Tag all of these like “vancouver-trip.”

This release makes us 100% Web 2.0 compliant according to IEEE 97098.19b. *Ahem* Ok, seriously, we’re doing this because tags and other such metadata make BillMonk much more useful, especially if you use it a lot – not because “tagging” is a hot buzzword.


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