Many small steps; removing friends; digg it!

We pushed out a new point-release this evening with one big change and several small ones.

  • You can now easily remove a friend by clicking on the handy new “remove” link. You must first sweep away all transactions with the friend so there are no financial ties. When you un-friend someone who has never logged in, we don’t remove them from the system, but instead simply sever the relationship between you two. This way, when they do get around to logging in later, they aren’t confused by the system’s refusal to recognize them.
  • When you delete a transaction or remove someone from a transaction, the email to affected parties now includes comments (d’oh)
  • Fix occasional html encoding problems for receipt descriptions (caused by double-unescapes or double-escapes)
  • Make the “add more contacts” landing page after sign-in more friendly and good lookin’
  • If you view a transaction which was recently created while on the go via your cell phone, and if some people in that transaction are unidentifed, we show the bill-code (two silly words) that those people can use to identify themselves. One use case is that if you’re uncomfortable adding someone yourself, you can ask them to add themselves using this bill-code.

Finally, when one logs in, the left sidebar may occasionally shamelessly beg you to digg BillMonk. And while we’re at it… please Digg it!


6 Responses to “Many small steps; removing friends; digg it!”

  1. sameer Says:

    I am from, please send us some press material so that I can forward it to our University Newspaper which was just selected as the State’s best college newspaper

  2. Kreiser Says:

    wah mantab sob langsung tak coba aja dech.. blog deraibali

  3. Kuklinski Says:

    Nice sharing. Thanks… I wait for my blog 🙂

  4. Shrout Says:

    Excelent post! I’m 100% agree with you 😉


  5. Brownstein Says:


  6. Random Guy Says:

    No, the remove friend feature does *not* work at all.
    I’ve removed the same 2 friends over and over again and they keep re-appearing. It’s insanely annoying!

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