Little release: remember-me, re-invite

It’s probably pretty clear by now that we prefer to make a lot of make lots of small releases than a few big ones. While we dislike spamming you, Gentle Reader, with all our picayune going-ons, we’ll pick transparency over surprises any day of the week. Today’s release includes:

  • Remember-me checkbox on sign-in. If clicked, you will stay signed-in for as long as a week between visits to BillMonk (as opposed to one hour). Note that this should only be used on your personal, home computer.
  • Re-invite a friend who hasn’t signed in yet. Some of our users contacted us and told us that certain web-mail systems (ehem.. Yahoo!) were sending BillMonk emails to the spam folder. Though we have smoothed things out with Yahoo!, our users have requested a way to nudge their friends. Click on ‘re-invite’ on the friends page to send a polite email from BillMonk saying: “Homer Simpson (email@domain) is sending another invitation for you to join BillMonk,” with sign-in instructions.

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