Speaking at Stanford, Singaporean entrepreneurs

Gaurav flew down to Stanford last weekend to speak about the lessons learned from starting up and running BillMonk. The conference, titled RainMakers, was organized by students from the National University of Singapore Entrepreneur Association (NUSEA) who spend a year at Stanford learning about business, while also interning at hi-tech startups. Six other young companies presented at the conference. The audience included lots of students and a smattering of venture capitalists and Bay Area professionals.

This event was an opportunity to spread the word about BillMonk to students, but more importantly, it was a chance for us to have face-to-face time with some of our most ardent users and users-to-be. About 15 attenders were already regular BillMonk users, and had remarkably positive things to say about it. They also had some penetrating questions about our next steps, and some great ideas for the future. Thanks, guys!

Amusingly, 12 of us went to dinner afterwards… and of course cut through the payment headache by BillMonking it. Sweet.

The connection with Singapore is not mere coincidence. Our 3rd-largest non-US user base is Singapore (the EU and India are 1st and 2nd, respectively). There’s no doubt that the students from this organization are a big part of the reason why. Thank you for your help, and for putting together a terrific event!

Additional trivia on the BillMonk-Singapore connection: Gaurav lived in Singapore for seven years till age 13. He still dreams of delicious Singaporean cuisine. [Chuck interjects: he does. He really does, sometimes to a worrisome degree.]


2 Responses to “Speaking at Stanford, Singaporean entrepreneurs”

  1. jj Says:

    Hey Gaurav!

    Nice. (=

    So how do we pay you back? haha.


  2. Singapore Entrepreneurs » RainMakers LIVE! : Building Great Start-Ups That Last Says:

    […] Billmonk.com went third and as before during the panel discussion of Building Great Start-Ups That Last, Gaurav gave another light-hearted overview of how Billmonk can be used by all to make going out with friends less of a pain when it comes to settling accounts. Way cool, I’ve been using Billmonk.com for about a month now and my friends and I have already used it as a verb: “You just paid for this meal? Okay, please billmonk it, thanks”. Gaurav was obviously happy that we have already assimilated Billmonk into our lives fairly quickly. On our side, we’re glad that we now found something that makes our lives much simpler. Now, I no longer have to do the math in my head and risk screwing up the calculations but instead just enter it into the system. It is just an accounting system, but a very user-friendly and feature-intensive one that really does ‘make social money painless’. What’s extra cool about Billmonk is that just shortly after starting operations, Singapore is their 3rd-largest foreign market (home ground being the US)! He also blogged about the event here. […]

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