Download your BillMonk history

You can now download your entire BillMonk history to your spreadsheet application of choice (“History” page, left sidebar). This lets you backup your data and make it easy to print out.

We actualy make two kinds of history available to you:

  • All your transactions
  • All resulting person-to-person money transfers

The former is the cause (e.g. dinner at a restaurant), the latter is the effect (e.g. John owes me $10, Gaurav owes me $3.50, and my share was $12).

The download format is optimized for easy record-keeping, not for extracting structured data. Note that the format may change. For all you developers chomping at the bit, please know that we fully intend to provide web services that give stable APIs for automated extraction of your data. For those of you who want better integration with your accounting software, that is a separate feature which we also intend to provide.



2 Responses to “Download your BillMonk history”

  1. Priyam Says:

    Great !!! Was waiting for it to come up.

  2. rajesh Says:


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