Front page of the Seattle Times Business & Technology section

BillMonk Seattle TimesKim Peterson's profile of BillMonk is on the front page of the Seattle Times Business and Technology section today. Check out the article online

Small things can get people upset in bill-paying situations, Oberoi said. "Often it doesn't have to do with the money, but feeling like you're being taken for granted," he said. "With BillMonk it's just clear. People know."


3 Responses to “Front page of the Seattle Times Business & Technology section”

  1. Gwendolyn Says:


  2. jj Says:

    Hey Gaurav..

    Greeting from Stanford! How’s it going?

    I have a idea for you. Say 10 of us go for a road trip. So I paid a shared bill that has to be divided by 10. So in bill monk, for each bill I had to add 10 pple’s names to it. Will be good if you have a ‘group’ functionality, such that I only have to add, say to a group ‘ Summer LA trip’ instead of adding 10 names each time.

    What do you think?


  3. billmonk Says:

    Hi JJ,

    We think it’s a great idea! In fact, you can already create and use groups in the way you suggested. Click on the ‘Friends’ tab, and then right below the title, click on ‘Groups’.

    I hope that works for you. Note that the best way to reach us with general ideas and comments is through our feedback system:

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