Chuck v2.0

The web isn't the only thing changing versions these days. Here at BillMonk, we're staying on top of the trends by evolving ourselves as well. Chuck is leading the charge with a dramatic change: he has shed his winter beard, and is now sporting a snappy spring-time look! This new youthful and aero-dynamic visage helps Chuck run faster, get student discounts at the movies, and look hotter to the ladies.

But rest assured, we didn't make such a big decision without trying out a few iterations first. Below are a few snapshots of the evolution from hairy, to hairless. What our users think of this new change is important to us, so please do let us know which model is your favorite. I'm sure Chuck will be more than happy to oblige next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Thanks to Lisa for these photos.)



7 Responses to “Chuck v2.0”

  1. billmonk Says:

    We’re sorry to say that BillMonk is now a 1-person company following the untimely demise of Mr. Oberoi at the hands of a beardless man.

    *Sigh* sold down the river by a girlfriend with a camera, and an unscrupulous business partner…

  2. madduck Says:

    How cute! Reminds me of the college days, I seem to remember we gave you a shave sometime in Palmer too. Or was that Fanjul?

    And btw: especially the third photo with the moustache… I’d have just ignored you if you had looked like this. Or were you planning to join some communist/fascist movement รก la Germany or Russia post-WW2?

  3. billmonk Says:

    The moustache only had a half-hour lifespan… it was actually fairly big and bushy in person. The consensus was “porn star.” Really, the moustache is a dark half-hour of my life I’d rather forget. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nori Says:

    NEVER, EVER WEAR A MOUSTACHE. Oh god. Chuck, I’ll never speak to you again if you don’t do either full beard or nothing!

    /me shudders

  5. Nosferatu Says:

    Handlebar moustache comes first place! You look HOT! Stache comes second place. Beard, third place. No facial hair comes last.

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