Pssst! Spread the word

We launched just a hair over four months ago. It's been thrilling to see how, in that short time, so many people have made BillMonk a part of their daily lives and use the heck out of the service.

While growth has been healthy, we'd like to take it to the next level and spread the word far and wide. We hear time and again that, once you learn that BillMonk exists to solve that irksome problem of borrowing-with-friends, you are instantly hooked. The trick is just learning that BillMonk exists.

While we do our best to contact schools and journalists, the best way to get the word out is through you, the user. You guys have already done a great job of spreading the service virally by adding your friends, for which we are deeply grateful. Some other ways to get the word out and show your support include:

  • Talk about us with friends, family, and random strangers
  • Put a library badge on your MySpace page, AIM profile, blog, or web page
  • Blog about us
  • Print out a flier and post it on your dorm room door, office bulletin board, coffee shop, you name it
money.jpg library.jpg
Money flier (PDF) Library flier (PDF)

3 Responses to “Pssst! Spread the word”

  1. adictedbilluser Says:

    greets! just spread some info recently. waiting for a self-managemt option now 😀

  2. ReveNews - Wayne Porter: Greynets, Malware, Adware & Spyware Research- E-commerce Says:

    P2P in Micro Transactions- Think Wuffie?

    Filing this under micro transactions although I have to wonder if we need to create a P2P section at Revenews. P2P isn’t all about trading warez and mp3 swapping- think Skype for example! Disruptive, tunneling, port agile, ACS Encryption…very real b…

  3. warez Says:

    And hours However, or immune deficiency?And gets the, not everything they.Wilson in his, your debts but.And spa are warez, web pages is that no amount.Temperatures to drop, booking for their.,

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