Moving our servers this weekend

Our little BillMonk is all grown up and *sniff* moving out of the house! That's right, the time has come to move our servers to a co-location facility. Once this is done, you'll see faster page load times and improved service reliability.

The service will be down for a few hours as we whisk our servers to their secret remote bunker. This outage is planned for Saturday June 10th, from 8:30am until noon (Pacific time). Check this blog for updates!

Update @2pm

The installation went smoothly, our servers are now securely lodged in what I'd say is the computer-equivalent of a penthouse suite.  


4 Responses to “Moving our servers this weekend”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I was waiting for a fast and responsive BillMonk after the move. However page load times are still very high over here :/

  2. billmonk Says:

    Sunny, we’re very sorry to hear that! It appears to be less of an issue of the server’s available bandwidth than the fact that the site is served out of secure https, and so browsers aren’t caching common elements. That introduces a lot of latency. We’ll be moving to a dual HTTPS/HTTP system soon, which will make things much speedier on your end.

    We do have a lot more available bandwidth now, which is nice because it allows lots of concurrent access.

    Stay tuned!

  3. Sunny Says:

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I’m staying tuned !

  4. AB Says:

    Please let us know once our beloved Billmonk is back in action ! It’s weekend and lots of expenses are due to be filled-in 😉

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