Seattle Tech Startups meeting

Since we launched BillMonk in January, we've attended and spoken at numerous geek and entrepreneuer gatherings. We've met a lot of great people, made many friends, and learned a lot. We noticed that people say they want to talk shop more, both about technical tricks and on running a startup. There is a need for a cohesive Seattle startup community where entrepreneurs can give and seek advice.

For this reason, we're organizing what will hopefully become a regular series of of meetings between tech entrepreneurs in the Seattle area. If you're involved in a startup, please come, and also spread the word! These events are free and open to the public. So far, 5 local startups have signed up, and we expect several more will attend.

Save the date! Thursday June 22nd, 6pm to 7:45pm, at the Seattle Public Library, Capitol Hill Branch, upstairs.

Website: Seattle Tech Startups


3 Responses to “Seattle Tech Startups meeting”

  1. Adam Loving Says:

    Hi Guys. I added this event to (, so that it gets a little wider exposure. I will try to attend.

  2. Bryan Starbuck Says:

    I’m blogging about issues facing internet start-ups on my blog. I loved the meeting.

  3. Enhance Your Life Says:

    It will be nice to meet with people that same desire with us

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