Business 2.0 magazine article

BillMonk opens the July 2006 Business 2.0 article The Bank Account in Your Phone. We’re delighted by the story, and doubly-so since it’s our first major coverage by a national publication. It was a real pleasure discussing social money and mobile applications with Michal Lev-Ram, the journalist.

The magazine is out in the stands now. We’ll put up a link to the article once it’s available online.

[Update 07/11/2006]

Check out the article online here.


3 Responses to “Business 2.0 magazine article”

  1. Colin Grady Says:

    Found the site via the article mentioned above. I can definitely appreciate the concept of the site and the drive shown by the founders. I look forward to seeing how you guys grow.

    Oh, small comment on the styling of the site… Don’t forget to set the background color for the body. My default background color is not white, and it makes the layout look a bit funky.

  2. billmonk Says:

    D’oh! Thanks for the heads-up about default background color, fix will go live soon, during a low-traffic time.

  3. Nick Spicer Says:

    Gaurav, just wanted to drop you a congratlutory note … looks like this concept is progressing well. Next time you are in the Bay Area, give me a call.


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