Two Nice Posts

Who works on a lovely sun-drenched Monday before the Fourth of July? Besides, uh, the rest of the world, it also seems to be on-line journalists. We were delighted to show up prominently on two (count ’em, two!) great sites on a day we’d assumed would be relatively quiet.

Springwise (“your daily dose of entrepreneurial ideas”) gave this pithy profile about the service, which was categorized as a “Life Hack”. Heh.

Emily Chang of eHub posted this interview covering our design philosophy, goals, tools, and lifestyle. We appreciated her wide range of questions because they let us convey the number of different hats that entrepreneurs wear.


2 Responses to “Two Nice Posts”

  1. Pelu Says:

    You must thank Emily not only for the interview and the wide range of questions, but for a nice part of those 5000 users and 30 currencies. I discovered BillMonk because of her, when she mentioned it in her list some months ago. I’ve been using it for the las 2 or 3 months and that made you 4 new direct users and 1 currency (mexican peso, althogh i’m argentinean).

    I’m sure a lot of us got to know this great tool because of her list, and I bet you’ll notice a new wave of users since this interesting interview.

    A lot of luck for you guys, thank’s for the monks daily help and hope to find new tools once in a while.

  2. billmonk Says:

    Yes indeed, we were very grateful when, back in January, she included us in her much-read list of Web 2.0 companies, and then again when she updated her entry in April to mention our new library features!

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