Library – CueCat scanner, UI fixes, similiar items

We’re happy to start this week with a bucket ‘o improvements to the BillMonk library.

Dig that “misc computer stuff” box out of the attic and find the :CueCat (c) scanner that you grabbed from RadioShack back in 1998. Plug ‘er in, go to the “Bulk Add” page (from the Library), and happily scan in stacks of books for your collection – we translate its wacky output to ISBN and UPC codes.

We also made some UI fixes:

  • When you pick which items to add, we tell you which ones are already in your collection
  • Rather than having to aim your mouse at teensy checkboxes to pick which items to add or check-out, you can now click anywhere on a line

Finally, we plugged Amazon recommendations into the “Add” pipeline, making it super-easy to say “hey, I own that, too!”


2 Responses to “Library – CueCat scanner, UI fixes, similiar items”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Maybe you could use the webcam barcode scanner from

    Some of us didn’t get a free cuecat in the dotcom boom.

  2. billmonk Says:

    Yes, allowing users to use a webcam to read out bar codes would be ideal. Delicious MonsterMac OS desktop app) does a nice job of this.

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