BillMonk on BBC World Service Radio

A couple of weeks ago we spoke about BillMonk with the producers of Culture Shock, a BBC World Service Radio show about “the latest global trends in arts, entertainment and culture”. Today’s radio program featured BillMonk as one of the key segments, with more than eight minutes of air time.

The hosts of the show introduced us as “the next MySpace online,” and continued to describe the general problem of borrowing, the BillMonk solution, and the social implications of using a service like ours:

“Most of us have probably forgotten to return stuff on occasion, and this of course, can lead to all kinds of tension… with a student or community setting, [BillMonk is] actually going to make life easier, you are going to do away with the post-it notes, the IOUs, there isn’t going to be one person made to feel like they’re the bill nazi… The community library is a brilliant idea… guerilla [and] ad-hoc… it adds an element of fairness… I think we’re looking at human activities being turned into transactions, because it’s a way of creating social ease.”

Wow! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


One Response to “BillMonk on BBC World Service Radio”

  1. Jack Says:

    I found your site through the World Service interview. It’s great – and came at the perfect time to help sort things out. Thanks!

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