Namaste (hello) India!

In the past two days, BillMonk has been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines all over India. This flurry of press is thanks to a widely circulated story by the Press Trust of India (similar to the Associated Press).

Amongst the most prominent publications are the Times of India, the largest English daily newspaper in India with ~8 million readers; and the Dainik Jagran, a Hindi language daily with the highest readership amongst all newspapers in India, with ~20 million readers.

We’re excited because we’ve always considered India to be an ideal location for BillMonk, given the recent explosion of cell phones and households with Internet access. It’s very common to share the costs of food, housing, and utilities, especially among the rapidly growing young and urban middle-class. What’s more, BillMonk’s largest userbase outside of the US today is in India.

The image below is from a clipping from the Dainik Jagran that Gaurav’s uncle Rajesh sent him this morning. Seeing ‘BillMonk’ printed in Hindi was so cool that we just had to share it with you all.



4 Responses to “Namaste (hello) India!”

  1. Eric Says:


    I’m guessing language localization is high up on the features list?

  2. billmonk Says:

    Yes, indeed it is!

  3. Regina Mullen Says:

    Congratulations on all the great press!

    Looking forward to meeting you guys at the next small tech meeting!

  4. Mahendra Agarwal Says:

    The billmonk word printed in hindi actually translates to ‘billmaank’. The correct hindi word is बिलमोंक.

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