Geeking with the Monk

We’re delighted to announce, a place where we will post projects that we’ve open sourced, discussions on technical topics, and APIs to interact with BillMonk. Our first release is a Ruby library for accessing Facebook’s APIs, and we have several more projects on the way. BillMonk is built entirely on open source software, and we’re happy to finally be giving something back to the community.


5 Responses to “Geeking with the Monk”

  1. carina Says:

    Hi there. I should probably post this at the translation entry, but this seems also relevant. It is very difficult to port the concept of “geek” to other languages. Many have tried (and/or started flamewars), and the bottom line is that is that there is no good word for it in German. I used Streber, which describes the ever so eager highschooler sitting in the front row, bursting to solve all the maths questions, but the connotation is still negative (maybe because he will never help you with the homework or let you glance at his sheet during the test). It is still the closet approximation we have, and until there is a better solution, we have to either stick with Streber, or not translate at all.

  2. billmonk Says:

    Good question! Probably a more mundane basis for translation would be “Programmers”, “Software Developers”, or “Computer Programmers”

  3. Ben Bernard Says:

    APIs! APIs! APIs!

    Over with the ball of wax, we’re all eagerly awaiting web service apis so we can do transitive debt cancellation and smart victim choosing 🙂

    Just a note of encouragement for the webservices stuff 🙂


  4. Ramerin Says:

    Did you planned to release in GPL your wiki-based translation tool?

  5. billmonk Says:

    Ramerin – good question. The translation tool as it is written today is fairly specific to our needs, but we have been considering whether it not it could be GPL’d.

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