Download library, friends

We already let you download a spreadsheet of your financial transactions. Now we also let you download a list of what things you own (including what is checked-out), and your friends (including their email addresses and how much you owe them or they owe you). With this, you can back-up all your BillMonk data, and do with it whatever you like. After all, it’s your data.



2 Responses to “Download library, friends”

  1. joe chong Says:

    What do you think about I think it rocks! can wait to see what everyone in your areas do, but I am digging PalTrust.

  2. Tim Says:

    I like the fact that BillMonk doesn’t require actually having any contact with your money, and hope that it stays that way. BillMonk is a useful tool, whereas PalTrust bears a frightening resemblance to PayPal — a psuedo-bank.

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