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BillMonk is hiring

November 21, 2006

We’re looking for a few software engineers and visual designers to join the team and take BillMonk to the next level. There are a ton of exciting and fun projects on the to-do list; most are for new user-facing features or 3rd party extensions, but there are also some geeky-cool middle-tier applications that will help the site scale and munge data. We offer:

  • A small-team work environment where you can be creative and effective
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Interesting projects that have a direct positive impact on peoples’ lives

We strive to capture the good things about being a start-up (small size, high energy), while keeping the bad things in check (long hours, no social life). We’re all about having balanced lives and a friendly workplace where there’s open communication and high output.

All positions are in lovely Seattle, WA; ski in the winter, hike and kayack in the summer – and don’t think about the rain.

Interested? Read more on the BillMonk Jobs page.


Monk doodles

November 19, 2006

While I was cleaning up yesterday, I ran across the original drawings Darwin Yamamoto had made back in the early-development days when we were brainstorming site logos. I had brought over a bottle of wine, and Darwin, Thomas, and I spent a fun evening doodling and chatting about various ways to visually express BillMonk. As a graphic designer with a passion for video games and character design, Darwin was able to throw out a dizzying number of great ideas. A monk asking for money? A chubby monk, a monk head? What about hands of giving-and-taking? Could we imbue the words “BillMonk” with monk-ness? How about showing the end of the need to post IOU notes on the fridge door? Wouldn’t it be neat if a monk popped genie-like from your cell phone? I thought these drawings were pretty cool, so I scanned in a couple of the pages. Many thanks again to Darwin and Thomas!