Monk doodles

While I was cleaning up yesterday, I ran across the original drawings Darwin Yamamoto had made back in the early-development days when we were brainstorming site logos. I had brought over a bottle of wine, and Darwin, Thomas, and I spent a fun evening doodling and chatting about various ways to visually express BillMonk. As a graphic designer with a passion for video games and character design, Darwin was able to throw out a dizzying number of great ideas. A monk asking for money? A chubby monk, a monk head? What about hands of giving-and-taking? Could we imbue the words “BillMonk” with monk-ness? How about showing the end of the need to post IOU notes on the fridge door? Wouldn’t it be neat if a monk popped genie-like from your cell phone? I thought these drawings were pretty cool, so I scanned in a couple of the pages. Many thanks again to Darwin and Thomas!



One Response to “Monk doodles”

  1. jeshio Says:

    Billmonk started out with such a great idea. Where’d it go?

    Without billmonk our room mates would have been stuck with an envelope stuffed with notes, receipts and totals for utilities, groceries, hardware, food, books, etc etc. Things would have been ridiculous, especially when all six of us took a 2-3 week long trip around the country. It really is a great way to make co-housing simpler. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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