BillMonk is hiring

We’re looking for a few software engineers and visual designers to join the team and take BillMonk to the next level. There are a ton of exciting and fun projects on the to-do list; most are for new user-facing features or 3rd party extensions, but there are also some geeky-cool middle-tier applications that will help the site scale and munge data. We offer:

  • A small-team work environment where you can be creative and effective
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Interesting projects that have a direct positive impact on peoples’ lives

We strive to capture the good things about being a start-up (small size, high energy), while keeping the bad things in check (long hours, no social life). We’re all about having balanced lives and a friendly workplace where there’s open communication and high output.

All positions are in lovely Seattle, WA; ski in the winter, hike and kayack in the summer – and don’t think about the rain.

Interested? Read more on the BillMonk Jobs page.


7 Responses to “BillMonk is hiring”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hey guys – congratulations on reaching the size to need another couple engineers!

  2. Tom Says:

    Congratulations on your (pending) growth! I’ll be looking for more cool functionality.

  3. » Redfin is hiring Says:

    […] And if you’re not interested in real estate, Billmonk is hiring, which is cool since we use their site to keep track of our vacations. November 27th 2006 Posted to Redfin […]

  4. Eric Says:

    Makes me wish I still lived in Seattle. Your ap is GREAT! I wish you all the success.

  5. Pax Sreekantan Says:


    Congrats on the expansion. Keep rolling…

  6. emailadi Says:

    Oh I found you guys. I had been searching for your website for a while, but I lost it somehow. I finally found you guys. Great problem solver. I am going to use it soon.

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