Repeating Bills are Here!

BillMonk now allows you enter bills that repeat on a weekly or monthly basis. Simply tell us what day it repeats on (e.g. ‘Thursday’ if weekly, or ‘the 1st’ if monthly), and the bill will automatically be recorded on a regular schedule.

Roommates will especially love this feature for helping to track rent and utilities, but it’s also ideal for a ton of other activities like managing club dues or remembering to pay the dog-walker.


Specify how this bill should repeat when you create it.



View all your repeating bills, including when they last occurred, and when they will repeat next.


6 Responses to “Repeating Bills are Here!”

  1. Arjun Says:

    Yay hooray! Late-rent worries-begone!

  2. Dave Newman Says:

    hey cool! Any chance we can get fortnightly? (My rent is fortnightly)

  3. Anup Says:

    How do I stop the repeated bills ?? I am moving out of the appt and need to stop billmonk from posting utility bills..

  4. madhu Says:

    tell me exactly wt is the use of repeating bills

  5. Kiran Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have created a repeating bill but it doesnt repeat on the specified date of the month. What shall i do?


  6. AJ Says:

    All crap, this feature never works on my machine, i spent hours to figure if i was missing something, but i have explored everything on this website.
    This is irritating when you put time to set up monthly repeating bills, so you won’t have to charge every month, but it never generates bill on that date, i am now deleting all those bills and going to have to recreate them…what a mess…..i don’t recommend this service to anyone.

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