BillMonk on Facebook!

We have some great news for all you avid Facebook users: BillMonk is now available as a Facebook app! If you’re wondering what this means, a couple of weeks ago, Facebook made it possible for developers to write applications that run seamlessly within their website. Needless to say, this was a great opportunity to bring BillMonk to Facebook users and help them solve their bill-splitting woes.

With the BillMonk app, you can report bills with Facebook friends, view your balance, and more without ever having to leave Facebook. You can also opt to receive BillMonk messages for things like new bills, as notifications to your Facebook account.

We don’t have all BillMonk features enabled in the application yet, but we will be moving them over in the coming weeks. In the meantime, click here to install the app!



One Response to “BillMonk on Facebook!”

  1. Priyanka Joshi Says:

    Gaurav, I read about you online and I’d like to draw your attention to a young man, only 28, dying of Leukemia in CA. My blog Monsoon Masala has the story:

    TiE Seattle won’t help dying Leukemia patient! (But will teach you how to make $$)

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