A shiny new look – with graphs!

We took the monk to the salon, where, at the hands of our intrepid graphics designer Christina, he received a long-awaited and much anticipated makeover. I dare say, he now looks simply dashing!

While the most obvious changes are the look-and-feel (different color scheme, new page templates, snazzy logo), we also updated the navigation by adding a left navigation bar, and merged the “friends” page into the “home” page.

As a bonus feature, Scott pulled a tactical ninja stunt and added graphs to the home page. In addition to adding more pretty colors to the site, it also makes it easy to visualize the proportion of debt.

Please let us know what you think! We’re sure to make minor adjustments in the weeks to come.



11 Responses to “A shiny new look – with graphs!”

  1. jon abad Says:

    Looking good Monks!!

  2. Keith Says:

    Overall good work – but I have two major gripes – a) why oh why the comic sans (Esque) font on the homepage, just looks really unpro and homebrew… and b) the bar at the top with the ‘head’ and monk graphics – such a waste of precious vertical space! PLEASE make it smaller, so I don’t have to scroll so much…

    Otherwise, well done.

  3. Matt Brubeck Says:

    Do the lighter/darker colors in the pie charts have any meaning?

  4. billmonk Says:

    Matt – no, the colors themselves don’t have meaning. Interesting question, though; what might you expect?

    Keith – thanks for the feedback! We’ll see what we can to shorten the header graphic. What do others think of an arial rounded font for the splash page?

  5. Keith Says:

    Arial rounded or helvetica works for me, can’t really go too far wrong there.

  6. Adam Says:

    Personally don’t like the new look and feel.

    But really my biggest gripe is that the graphs (and top banner) waste lots of screen space with zero added value. The data contained in the pie charts on the page provide the same exact information as the table below except for in a less precise manner.

    The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t mean anything to me if I owe Person A 30%, Person B 25% and Person C 45%…. What does the percentage tell you that you could ever possibly want to know??? Maybe if you put $$$ amounts as a caption, but even then you’d just be duplicating the table below it.

    I’d prefer an option to go back to the previous style myself.

  7. Paul Irish Says:

    Thanks for the change away from Comic Sans. We appreciate it. 🙂 I’m kinda lukewarm on the design as well, but I think you guys can make some small tweaks to get there. I really love how responsive you’ve been thus far.

  8. Bhavik Says:

    The graphs dont come in IE8. Also the site looks bit wierd in IE8.

  9. Billmonk Says:

    @Bhavik: thanks for pointing that out. We’ll look into correcting that in the next set of fixes.

  10. Reith Says:

    wah mantab sob langsung tak coba aja dech.. blog deraibali

  11. Veazie Says:


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