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New Fixes and Features on Billmonk

October 30, 2008

Hey Billmonk friends!  We’ve been a little quiet on the blog because we’ve been listening closely to your suggestions and requests.

Today, we’re happy to let you know our product and engineering team has fixed over two dozen bugs.  We worked on the Amazon library, text related issues, automated email and errors related to reporting payments.

We also added a number of features you requested.  You can now tag library items, have a percentage option in a bill split, convert shared bills into itemized bills and disable debt shuffling for yourself.

The number of Billmonk users has grown quickly beyond what we expected, so we’ve a hired a manager to take care of things on the product front.  You can also look forward to email customer support and a fancier Facebook widget in a couple of months.

The original Billmonk was great, but the future Billmonk is going to be positively grand!

We really appreciate all the suggestions and requests you’ve shared with us and as always, please contact us with any issues or ideas.