Billmonk will be down this weekend


We have made progress toward getting the service back up. To that end, we must still make more changes and do more testing before the site can go live. The site will need to be down for the weekend and we are looking toward bringing the site back up sometime Monday Sept 20th. I will provide another post sometime Monday morning with more information.



46 Responses to “Billmonk will be down this weekend”

  1. Amorjinx Says:

    Thanks for finally getting back to the users. Please keep us posted.

  2. Andreas Says:

    I’m just glad to see that you’re alive! Keep up the good work!

  3. Chibi (Singapore) Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    This is great news.

  4. Kartikay Says:

    Ah bummer! Was looking to clear my accounts this weekend. Guess I now have a good excuse!

    (BTW, awesome work guys! I depend on you a lot!)

  5. Akshya Says:

    Good work guys. I had thought you had abandoned the site.
    Guess I was wrong. Sorry for the mistrust.
    Keep up the good work

  6. Shankar Says:

    Great. Hope things shud be fine from Monday.

  7. Chandan Says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted. like others … we rely a lot on BillMonk 🙂

  8. Debasish ( NY ) Says:


    Great work guys.

    You made a significant process on share money and stay in a hassle-free environment.

    Hope this is up in Monday.


  9. Cat Says:

    Thanks for the update. The service is super useful!

    Good luck this weekend; I’m sure some us would be happy to test for you as well.

  10. Kaul Says:

    Great to see an update that you guys are working on the website. Hope things are better from Monday.

  11. SaM Says:

    Thanks Much for the update. Absolutely LOVE the site. Thanks for all the effort. I know everyone appreciates it, especially me. Cheers!

  12. CodeMonkey Says:

    Thanks for the update..I’ve to collect money from my roomies..everything is put up in billmonk. hope it comes up and retains the old data.

  13. Rex Lorenzo Says:

    I am so glad that the website isn’t dead. My friends and I rely on it for our trips, but have noticed numerous errors when using it. For example, the library system is broken and the login page always gave me an error until I refreshed.

  14. akhilesh ghore Says:

    I was afraid that we will loose our expenses history, but its good news u guys will be back thanks and keep us posted

  15. NC Says:

    Are you sure will be back by monday. I am seriosly having doubt on whats that much bad which you need to fix next more than 50 hours. Are you sure you will be able to bring every bodies data back. People were just reling blindly…This is XXXXXXX

    • J-Z Says:

      Can’t believe you. NC, sounds like your paying for this service. To even to have the audacity to talk like you are… please. IF you are so unhappy, keep your crap commets to yourself and MOVE ON. They said their working on it. I Hate Whiners. Better recognize…

  16. Zulfiqar Says:

    Great work guys,
    None of the dozen or so other sites even come close to what you guys offer. Glad to see your not dead 🙂

  17. Mayank Says:

    Waiting for website to be up and running..Need to report many bills.
    Great website for sharing among room mates and the best part, it is free of cost

  18. Pravin Says:

    Thank you so much guyz……..

  19. Ashwini Says:

    We are waiting…

  20. Sameer Says:

    Thanks for the good work guys! Great site!

  21. ashley Says:

    thanks for the update! keep on rockin

  22. Beam Says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date! Please continue this wonderful service for the sake of your users!

  23. Bhavik Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated 🙂

  24. Rahul Yadav Says:

    Waiting for the Site to be up.

    Awesome service, love it!

  25. kamal Says:

    Thanks for the update. I hope the website goes live today.

  26. gokul Says:

    hope it goes live today, been waiting for a while now 😦 !

    neat work guys..

  27. Dalton Says:

    If you guys could publish a “read only” version during these long down times, it would be much appreciated.

  28. Akshya Says:

    A read-only version will help us note down the amount we needed to collect and pay till you guys are able to get the site up and running

  29. splouf Says:

    Go billmonk go! You can do it !

  30. Jordan Isip Says:

    Thank you! Glad to hear BillMonk is still alive. Looking forward to Billmonking my friends for dinner last night!

  31. Anand Says:

    Hi All,

    It was said that billmomk will come live on 20th Sep, till now this hasnt happened , please let me know if any one has any updates

  32. Somnath Says:

    Hi I’m still waiting for Billmonk to be UP and running.. Freaking me out with its silence. Billmonk Team plz tell us about your progress..

  33. Ed Says:

    Thanks for the update. Billmonk is a HUGE time/effort saver. Seriously, you guys are genius for this site. I’m an avid fan and tell everyone i trade money with to use it!

  34. JAy Says:

    Hey , just wanted to know . Are all the existing data still there ? I hope it cam be recovered or else its goin to create a lot of problems …

    thnx ,


  35. Gany Says:

    Seems Billmonk is still down… 😦
    I dont see any update this Monday Morning too.
    Folks, Please bring the service back up as I am in a serious situation & need to claim some money…

  36. asdas Says:

    i don’t remember all the debits i have, come soon!

  37. asrivatsa Says:

    Oh thanks guys!! Relying heavily on bringing your site back again.

  38. Saurabh Says:


    is there a way you can let us download the data in xml or csv while you guys are working on the fixes?

  39. bryan Says:

    Please update us on when we can expect to log back in and recover our data.

  40. mvpk Says:

    Hi tony,
    We all are desperate for billmonk appear back. All the past years you are very helpful through your site but pls help us by keeping back live the site

  41. guestman Says:

    Thanks guys! You rock. Your service is unparalleled to anyone out there. Here’s to a sick comeback! Have tons of bills to enter too!

  42. spyrochanman Says:

    Any updates today? We need the site back!

  43. Anand Says:

    As a temporary fix, billmonk can send the existing data of the customers to their respective email id as an attachment. That would be great !!!!!!!!If Billmonk has any big plans they can notify………glad to hear more…..

  44. parry Says:

    Atleast let us download our raw data in csv file, this is the longest down time for any site. I cannot rely on bill monk any more and just want to get my transaction/settlement details back

  45. Ramesh Says:

    thank you, finally i see the site LIVE and working efficiently.. thank you so much for keeping the data. we trust you guys!

    Great job and all the best

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