Billmonk status for Sep 21, 2010

We are still working on the system. There are no more major hurdles to cross. I will post shortly on ETA for Turn on.



37 Responses to “Billmonk status for Sep 21, 2010”

  1. Venkat Says:

    Awesome! Thanks Tony!

  2. Tushar Says:

    it would be nice if your engineering team can come up with a BillMonk smart phone app…….being a smart phone owner, I would use that app more than actually logging into BillMonk site every time

  3. Monika Says:

    Hey Tony, Thanks for update. But we are stuck with our payment information with Billmonk. Can we get our data atleast, in some format. I can send u my account details. Loosing out on a lot of money, as there is no other place to refer.. we were too BillMonk Dependant.

  4. Vams Says:

    I agree with Monika.. same situation here

  5. Somnath Says:

    Thanks Tony for the Update.. Helps a lot !

  6. sidr Says:

    hey bring it up soon guys… our(group of friends) lives are affected deeply… we are thinking of jumping ship but we need our old data atleast
    @monika: you the gal who lost ur aldo bag?!

  7. Monika Says:

    Dude… who r u? and how do u know about this? Do u have the bag?

  8. Ahmad Najeeb Says:

    Billmonk is ALIVE again people .. !! Start posting your bills !! 🙂

  9. AD Says:

    Great Job!… Billmonk up and running!!
    Congrats and thanks to the entire billmonk team!

  10. Somnath Says:

    BillMonk is Up and running .. Thanks Tony and team…

  11. Amit Says:

    Thanks a lot Tony and team. It is a big relief!!

  12. The mad captain Says:

    I demand to know what happened to the website. I must know if the queda is has a record of how much i spent on tolet paper last month.

  13. Buddah Says:

    This is a really frustrating thing to run into. I think billmonk is great and I’ve recommended it to a lot of people, and brought quite a few people to the site. I understand that it is free, but it’s pretty lame when you use it to manage bills with your roommates and have thousands of dollars in split bills you can’t do anything about because there’s no way to get to the site. Emails to support went unanswered. It would be nice to get some kind of update with your full stats(how much you owe certain people, and how much others owe you) so if this happens users will not be completely hosed.

  14. Ian Says:

    Well it’s up, but it’s super slow. Any input on the speed issues Tony?

    Hey dude, on top of that, I really feel that this project needs some real TLC. There is a huge amount of value in this service. I feel like you need to get some Kickstarter funds or venture capital or something and expand. Let’s see smartphone apps and some bug fixes.

  15. DBone McShumonster Says:

    Dude, thank you. I’m going to start donating to you now. I hadn’t realized just how much that I use your service.

  16. Somnath Says:

    It is very slow !!.. Mega Slow !! Is it going to improve??

  17. Kaul Says:

    Thank you Tony & team for going live again. It’s great to see you up and running.

    As for the slowness issues, I assume it’s just the sudden rush (people wanting to upload all pending bills) that has impacted the server. I would suggest to at least take a note of who owes whom. I am pretty sure slowness will go away with time – fact being there would be less number of people accessing the website at the same time.

  18. ND Says:

    Good Job people!!

  19. Mohan Says:

    Billmonk is up now! I was so billmonk dependant & happy to see it up. Letting all my friends know. Great job Billmonk team!!

    Now my million dollar question. Should I continue to use billmonk or migrate out elsewhere?

  20. Nikhil Says:

    I cannot see any of my transactions. all my data is gone?

  21. Jess Says:

    YES! Thank you! I too was thinking of jumping ship…but I really like the simplicity of billmonk. I would totally pay (a little bit) for this service.

  22. Jacob Vaughn Says:

    I keep getting the “Oops, you’ve found a bug” message. What’s that about?

  23. Jorge S. Says:

    Hey Tony,

    I usually get a bug whenever I try to see my history or click on “Money” link to review repeating bills and things like that.

    Additionally, the Library seems to be broken still. I click on my item and in the details I see another item owned by someone else.

    Let me know if you need more details on this.

  24. Monika Says:

    Thanks Tony and team…. What was more important was getting this up to check our dues… But this was not a fair situation to get in and the way it was handled as unprofessional.
    I suggest atleast send some excel file or snapshot of all records.
    Secondly… I have been yet getting a bug when trying to login to billmonk. I thought atleast this issue would be resolved after a long freeze to the site.
    Can u atleast update us with whats new and whats yet to be taken care of ? and an intimation before u suddenly close the site again, so we have our own backups?

  25. Vishy Says:

    Money Page came back up just now. Looking good, guys! Keep up the hard work.

  26. Nikhil Says:

    yes i lost all my transactions 😦

  27. Saurabh Says:

    Billmonk is up and faster than earlier. Thanks. Keep the good work!

  28. JW Says:

    I’m having problems with posting an uneven distribution of bill shared.

  29. Matt Says:

    Thanks for update. Was really bummed when I thought I couldn’t use your program anymore. I searched and none comparable. Curious if you guys are aware of the library issues (not being able to check items in)?

  30. p Says:

    Any update?

    Billmonk doesn’t seem to be fully up and running yet. People are still having problems (see previous comments). I have a bunch of repeating bills that don’t seem to be working.

    What is happening?

  31. sara Says:

    it seems to be up now, but none of the regenerating bills have hit. in fact, the system seems to think we’re like in the middle of july 2010.

  32. Robinson Says:

    Tony , is anyone working on Bill monk issue ? Appreciate your help

  33. Robinson Says:

    Is it down due to DNS changer block by FBI ?

  34. Darius Cheung Says:

    Yup, billmonk keep going down!

    We got frustrated, that’s why we are building a new billmonk – coming soon at

    Meanwhile guys back up your billmonk data as soon as possible – get a copy of it before billmonk is permanently gone!

    ** **

    Back up your billmonk data before it’s too late!

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