Billmonk will not be up tonight

All, I am very sorry to let you know that we are not ready to bring the site back up. Our team continues to work on the issues. Please understand that all of us here truly want the service back up. I will post with progess tomorrow mid-morning PST.




24 Responses to “Billmonk will not be up tonight”

  1. Leonardo Says:

    Please keep us informed of evenry step.

  2. Jacob Vaughn Says:

    Good luck fixing those bugs. BillMonk is simply the very best website for splitting expenses my ex-wife and I share regarding our kids. We’ve felt pretty crippled lately not being able to see what the other parent has spent on child-related expenses.

  3. vaibhav Says:

    im afraid i will lose the bills before I can billmonk them… Hoping to see it up next time i try. thanks for your efforts…

  4. Sudeep Says:

    Thanks for the updates Tony! We realize this must be a major issue and really appreciate the good work you guys are doing! Here’s hoping you get the site up by tomorrow


  5. Jonathan Micklos Says:

    What can we do as a community to insure that this never happens again?

  6. Prachi Says:

    I hope things work out well. Its a great site and we can’t think of ledgers anymore !!

    Good Luck !

  7. Arun Says:

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the update, I like many other users hope bill monk will be up and running soon.

  8. Dinesh Says:

    Please post this update on Twitter also… Ppl are going crazy…

  9. Preeya Says:

    Wow please hurry….

  10. Maulik Says:

    I hope the database remains.. Please let us know a realistic time by which billmonk will be up

  11. Suhail Says:

    Thanks for the update Tony ! Please keep us posted

  12. Shaik Says:

    Thanks much for the update..Waiting for the moment…

  13. Dave Says:

    People freaking out about data, don’t. I’m sure they backed everything up before they started, multiple times. They’re not stupid, especially if they were smart enough to come up with this idea in the first place. It is cute too see how anxious you are all about it though.

  14. Kaul Says:

    Thank you Tony for the updates. I really hope things are back up and running soon. Appreciate your efforts. I’ll wait to hear back soon.

  15. Billmonkuser Says:

    Thanks for the updates Tony.
    Could you please let us know if our records are still maintained? I hope the database has not been refreshed, because in that case our old records would have been cleared!.. Please clarify.

  16. Aashi Says:

    Please bring up the site soon . I am facing lot of problems because of this upgrade . I dont want to lose all my bill information . When can we expect the site to be up ?

  17. Jose Says:

    We been missing billmonk a lot. Thank you very much for u and ur teams good work. We r waiting eagerly for billmonk to come back and help us share

  18. Vinay Kumar Chella Says:

    We are eagerly waiting for the site…Thanks a lot for your support…

  19. rohit ghatol Says:

    I am getting very tensed. please bring the site up .

  20. rocky Says:

    hey tony, appreciate your work. please keep us informed, there is lot of information which we cannot lose.

  21. Ripon Says:

    I have allot of bills to be updated in billmonk. Request you to UP it soon. Thanks!

  22. Charan Says:

    You guys are awesome. Billmonk is up here. I just love billmonk. But guys, billmonk for some reason is getting too slow now. Is there anything you could help?

    Tony thanks a ton for the updates and thanks a lot team for the hard work. We all really appreciate it.

    – Charan

  23. Darius Cheung Says:

    Yup, billmonk keep going down!

    We got frustrated, that’s why we are building a new billmonk – coming soon at

    Meanwhile guys back up your billmonk data as soon as possible – get a copy of it before billmonk is permanently gone!

    ** **

    Back up your billmonk data before it’s too late!

  24. Munjal Says:

    When do you think new bill monk will be back up and running ? 🙂

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