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“ [lets] social groups track money together. [Sites like this] can be used to set up a budget for a shared summer rental or to remind buddies they still owe you for that dinner out last month.” – Newsweek (July 23, 2007)

“BillMonk expects to cash in… An estimated $103 billion of social money – think split dinner checks and cab fares – is traded every year” – Business 2.0 Magazine (July 2006)

Tastiest Nuggets of Wisdom…, a new, free service that enables easy tracking of debts among friends” – Money Magazine (April 2006)

Mainstream News

“You go to dinner with five friends. You pay the bill with your credit card and everyone agrees to settle up later. The next day you go to a movie with two of those same friends and they pay for your ticket and popcorn… at this rate, you’ll need a spreadsheet… or you can use the free, online service BillMonk.” Future Tense, American Public Media (radio, Oct 16, 2006)

BillMonk featured on Cyber Shack, Austrialia’s most successful radio show about gadgets and games (Oct 15, 2006)

“What some are calling the next MySpace online… most of us have probably forgotten to return stuff on occasion, and this of course, can lead to all kinds of tension… with a student or community setting, it’s actually going to make life easier, you are going to do away with the post-it notes, the IOUs, there isn’t going to be one person made to feel like they’re the bill nazi… The community library is a brilliant idea… guerilla [and] ad-hoc… it adds an element of fairness… I think we’re looking at human activities being turned into transactions, because it’s a way of creating social ease.” – BBC World Service Radio, Culture Shock (August 7, 2006)

The Times of India, the largest English daily newspaper in the world, and the Dainik Jagran, India’s largest newspaper with over 20 million readers featured BillMonk in their business sections.

“The ongoing exercise of figuring out who owes what to whom is royal pain in the neck… Our resident college-age intern, Andrew Gruen, said BillMonk is ‘great'” – CNET (July 2006)

“The premise is pretty simple and works fairly well. You sign up for an account online and send text messages to your account after meals, cab rides or other social situations.” – Raleigh North Carolina News 14 (July 2006)

“So how do you get back your money without ruining a relationship?” – amNewYork (May 2006)

“If one person pays the rent, for example, and the other person pays the utility and phone bills, BillMonk takes the information and figures out who owes whom money” – Seattle Times (April 2006, Business and Technology, cover)

Journals, Newsletters

“For busy people, it can be difficult keeping up with debts. But it is a good idea to take care of them before they become an issue with friends and family. BillMonk has the answer.” – Kim Komando’s Cool Site of the Day (July 2006)

“BillMonk is a useful tool for roommates, college students, and other groups of people that split bills. Ensuring fairness, it helps friends avoid having to nag to get their money back, or risk losing their money or stuff.” – Springwise (July 2006)

“Gaurav’s and Chuck’s key take-away: … [Web2.0 has] become a slot machine rather than a fancy roulette table, so the geeks can play and don’t need to hire MBAs any longer.” – MIT Tech Review Deutschland (March 2006)

“BillMonk itself is interesting is that the debts it tracks are all informal, backed only by the trust between/among friends… now, its gone meta-virtual, adding support for virtual currency debt types as well” – TerraNova (March 2006)


“The concept is pretty interesting, combining elements of social networking with bill paying” – Seattle PI Venture Blog (January 2006)

“It’s a simple idea and they’ve executed well… I like the way BillMonk keeps track of all of the various transactions a user has with different people, and the current amount owed at any given time.” – TechCrunch (January 2006)

“How do you keep track of situations like that? Billmonk” – Scobleizer (January 2006)

“Very cool” – LifeHacker (January 2006)

Payments News (January 2006)

eHub (January 2006)

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Interviews, presentations and podcasts

Rails Podcast (Oct 2006; recorded June 2006)

Minority Rapport Podcast (July 2006)

eHub Interview (July 2006)

Google Tech Talk (video; June 2006)

Stanford RainMakers Talk (video; March 2006)

User Quotes

Wade W. (Frisco, TX)

My girlfriend and I live together and we split most of the bills right down the middle. Even grocery shopping. I used to pay bills then give them over to her to reimburse me. She’d have to calculate up what she owed then transfer the money.

With BillMonk, I just put it in there and the balance is kept track of. Easy as pie! It’s an example of something I didn’t think I needed until I tried it. Awesome. Thank you BillMonk!

Thomas L. (Seattle, WA)

Managing money in social situations has always been tough. I hate it when the check arrives for a big group at a restaurant. Nobody carries enough cash, people can’t agree on how to split the check, and time is wasted as the staff has to run everyone’s card indvidually. I often covered it all and hoped people would get me back, but it’s always an awkward experience to confront friends about money. When BillMonk came along I found an easy way to make sure I didn’t lose track of money I needed to collect or pay back. BillMonk is the first company in recent memory of the Internet to provide a service that actually solved a problem I faced. Now I use BillMonk all the time. I love that I can do it on my cell phone! At a restaurant, I pay, send a text message into BillMonk, and don’t worry about it. Everyone I have ever used the service with agrees that it makes life a lot easier. Now, whenever I hear strangers at the next table squabbling over a bill, I want to start preaching BillMonk to them.

Mike O. (Dallas, TX):

I use BillMonk with my roommate Brian to track rent, utilities, and groceries. Rent and utilities were never a problem between us, but staying even on grocery bills was – especially beer. We used to have a system of taking turns buying beer when it ran out, but this didn’t always work out as planned. Sometimes I would find myself buying beer several times in a row and get annoyed at Brian. But in truth, he meant no harm and was either too busy to go to the store, or simply didn’t realize we had run out of beer. The tension this caused between us was unnecessary, but we had no clear solution.

A few months ago we learned about BillMonk and have been using it to track groceries as well as rent and utilities. Now it doesn’t matter who buys the beer or how often because BillMonk keeps track of it all. Whenever I’m at the store buying a new case, I simply send in a text message to BillMonk to record the purchase. It’s an easy system to use and BillMonk handles the uncomfortable task of reminding Brian so I don’t have to. Today, no one’s beer purchases get taken for granted, and arguing over groceries is a thing of the past.

Press Materials

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friends.jpg Where you stand with your friends.
friend-details.jpg Drill down for details with a particular friend
shared_bill.jpg The ease of use when entering a shared bill
library.jpg The community lending library
library-item.jpg Detailed view of item (data from

130 Responses to “Press”

  1. Svein Are Says:

    Is BillMonk still alive and kicking?
    I visited your FAQ and followed the Facebook App link. Here I see reviews all giving you 1/5 stars complaining about serious bugs not getting fixed. I also try the “Translate” link on the billmonk-site, and the server does not exist.

    Is this a dead company now? I wonder…

  2. kumarr Says:

    Check out instead, it works well!

  3. Matteo Says:

    Billmonks is up and running, I’ve been using it for more than a year and it has made my flatshare life much easier.

  4. Knabjian Says:

    wah mantab sob langsung tak coba aja dech.. blog deraibali

  5. Markum Says:

    Hello! Nice post! Very good! Maverick Money Makers Best Bonus Ever

  6. Mike Molloy Says:

    Great information – thanks

  7. john Says:

    I am unable to access bill monk site now. its down. any update please…

  8. Helder Ribeiro Says:

    Is the site abandoned? Everything is wrong… It crashes, automatic bills don’t update.. what’s happening??

  9. Subhankar Ghosh Says:

    I think this site is seriously screwed up. I couldn’t login in the past one week. Another free service down the drain

  10. Vi Says:

    Why is billmonk down?

  11. kingm Says:

    I can’t log into Bill Monk at all! Just updated it Wednesday night this past week and now nothing.

  12. Nadeem Says:

    Still can’t access billmonk website 😦

  13. Zulfiqar Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve loved using your free service. Sorry to see you guys go, your service has had no comparison yet! If your not planning on bringing your site back up, I sure hope you could send out an email with our latest iou’s.


  14. pradeep Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve loved using your free service. Sorry to see you guys go, your service has had no comparison yet! If your not planning on bringing your site back up, I sure hope you could send out an email with our latest iou’s.


  15. Deep Says:

    oh guys!,

    I HAVE OVER 200$ TO COLLECT FROM FRENS and i hav no record of it,
    all is there on billmonk.

    hope these come bk. or is there any way i can know the amounts to be collected from there..

    i hope they still have the database ready with them…

    help me out anyone!!!

  16. arun Says:

    please let me know if we can access our existing records from the database. please..we need the records..

  17. Saran Says:

    Guys….pls let us know to way to access the billmonk database….we are 15 people using the billmonk to the extend…it is great utility….pls help us…

  18. Gaurav Says:

    Please update us on the status of whether it will up or not.

  19. Manju Says:

    Hello Fellow BM Users,

    I talked to Obopay customer support and they told me that the website has not been shutdown and they are looking into restoring the service at the earliest. I did not get any reasons or cause for why the website is down from them.


    • BillMonk Support Says:

      To all users,

      We are working hard to restore the Billmonk service. We hope to have the site up and running as quickly as possible. Please note that we have not made any decision to shut this site down.

      We appreciate your support and patience,

      Tony, Obopay Support Manager

      • BillerB Says:

        Hey Billmonk guys, its not been working now for 3-4 days, a lot of our accounts are in there! would really appreciate a speedy fix!

  20. andy Says:

    Hopefully, you guys will make sure everything comes back to normal along with all our accounts. That is a lot of money in there.

  21. Girish Says:

    I am another bugged user here…

    Billmonk has been acting so weird lately. I’ve been having problems for nearly two weeks now.
    First, it started with errors while I added bills, only once in a while.
    Then, the website started responding very late; either it failed to open when I typed in the site address or even if the login page opened, once I entered my details and click on the login button, it would fail to go ahead.
    And yesterday when I tried to open the site, I was sent to a page which said something like the website is down and will be back up soon.
    Today, it opened but the login was damn slow. I tried to enter a bill several times, and it was failing to go to the details page. When i did get to that page and then to the next page to enter who participated and paid, I selected who participated from the drop-down menu, and it gave me an error saying “oops! you found a bug!” This happened several times, and one of those times I clicked on the report bug link under that message. Guess what happened…Yes, I was sent to a page which said “oops! you found a bug!”
    So, I went to the “contact us” link and went to the section which was about what you like and what you don’t. I entered this whole big message telling them about the problem, and why I am not sending it as a bug report. When I clicked on the submit button, I saw that it was taking so long to be submitted. I realized what was gonna happen, and quickly clicked in the text box and pressed Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C. Quick thinking, else I would have had to type the whole long msg again because the next page was an error too! Service temporarily unavailable!
    I somehow reached this blog, and saw the comments here. So I pressed Ctrl+V and posted the msg here.

    It’s getting really frustrating. Hope you guys fix it soon, because we chose Billmonk for the convenience and ease it provides. I live with roommates too, 2 to be precise. Earlier I used to have 3 roommates. For about 1.5 years I had the responsibility of maintaining the bills and the IOU’s for each of us. Whenever anyone spent on anything shared, they would give me the receipt; I used to maintain a book to enter all the bills and to calculate the IOU’s every month(I was never comfortable with EXCEL and preferred being old school in this matter). But about a month back or so, one of my roommates discovered Billmonk and since then each of us has been entering his bill himself and Billmonk has been keeping track of it. It took so much of load off my shoulders. I have been so grateful to Billmonk. That’s why this long msg…

    Once again, hope you guys fix the issue soon.

  22. Nil Says:

    I am very much inclined to just move away from billmonk. Granted its a free service – but it’s that – a service. And going by the way things have been in the past few weeks – its time to start using something else like

  23. BillMonk Support Says:


    We apologize that the site is not back up yet. We have identified several issues and are working to get them resolved quickly.


  24. BillMonk Support Says:


    We put the site back under the maintenance page. We found the site became unstable again. We hope to be back soon.


  25. Smith Says:

    Please update us once the site is up. I have to collect a lot of money from my friends with no records about how much to collect from whom.
    If its going to take sometime to get the site up again, can you guys atleast email the IOUs to each of the users. Plz Plz Plz

  26. BillMonk Support Says:


    I understand how frustrating this is. We are performing upgrade tasks to the server and performing other maint. items as I write this. I will post here once the site is back up.


  27. billmonk Says:


    We have made progress toward getting the service back up. To that end, we must still make more changes and do more testing before the site can go live. The site will need to be down for the weekend and we are looking toward bringing the site back up sometime Monday Sept 20th. I will provide another post sometime Monday morning with more information.


  28. gaurav Says:

    The site is still down. Tony do you have any updates for us? Thanks

  29. RG Says:

    This is ridiculous !!
    We got to have the BM website up for a day so that we can get our data from there and be able to settle our bills with others. Hopefully, then plan to move to some other bill share services.

    thank you

  30. Hrishikesh Says:

    Its Tuesday September 21st and billmonk is still down.

  31. Ashwin Says:

    Will it ever be up??? We have some serious money in there. It better be up soon. Atleast mail us the data. ya and its 21st and its still down.

  32. Ashley Says:


    I am really very grateful to the makers of bill monk for the service they have provided.

    Hope to see you back soon..

  33. Dinakar Manchikalapudi Says:

    Pls send us an email once the website is up. or atleast the IOU list if the update needs more time.

  34. Anand Says:

    Dear all,

    Billmonk is up!! I just checked…

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  37. Suresh Says:

    Dear all

    Billmonk giving error while sharing a bill.

    Can anybody tell why it is giving error while sharing a bill?

  38. Anant Says:

    I have been having some serious problems with using billmonk. For the past 1 week, I have not been able to post any bills on it and even the mails to address given on the site are not getting thorough. Is anyone else having similar problems? I am really sick of these regular problems and would be glad if anyone could suggest an alternative.

  39. bemilm Says:

    Yeah, i’m getting the same behavior. There are serious problems with the site at the moment, it seams. Can’t add a new bill can can’t even send an email–both actions result in an error page. Very disappointing. I used to find this service very useful.

  40. Bucks 'n' Buddies Says:

    All the people who are experiencing problem with Billmonk, I will like you to Migrate to a new application on Facebook

    That lets you manage your bills directly with your Facebook friends

  41. Bucks 'n' Buddies Says: is the corrected link

  42. Amogh Says:

    Billmonk is down again!! When on earth will they restore the system?

  43. Oneida Zambelli Says:

    Many thanks a really superb website. I noticed on this page material written in the best method. I can suggest those webpage to everyone and then also to each of my buddies. I had looking around this specific on the internet for a number of days to weeks. Again thanks for using this unique spectacular content.

  44. Albert David Says:

    billmonk down for 3 days….wtf

  45. Marianna Follman Says:

    Woah! I’m truly digging the theme of this blog It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s tough to get that good balance between usability and visual appeal. I must say you have done a great job with this. Additionally, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Opera. Outstanding site!

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  53. onlyjargons Says:

    Billmonk is not working in india since yesterday..any news about it ??

  54. dpooja85 Says:

    I try to add a shared bill and it gives me an error when I hit the SAve button. “Internal error! We were unable to save this transaction. Please contact us.”

    I added an itemized bill it gave me an error too. WhenI filed a bug report – it gave me an error again!

  55. Strangler Says:

    Billmonk is up but seems that it craps out on a new shared/itemized bill entry. The bug reporting system is also not working. Can you guys please update on the status. I have taken a backup of who owes me what…just in case.

  56. deepak Says:

    I get the error like ‘ Internal error! We were unable to save this transaction. Please contact us.’

    Any maintenance going on ?

  57. sac Says:

    May I please know when will billmonk start working?

  58. PayyMe (@Payy_Me) Says:

    It doesn’t appear that billmonk will be returning any time soon. Not to worry because we are developing a better and actual functioning service all for free. Please visit our landing page at and give us your email address. We will notify you as soon as we launch!

  59. Sachin Says:

    Billmonk server is down…:(

    Getting the following error
    Internal error! We were unable to save this transaction. Please contact us.

  60. Sachin Says:

    Its up now. Thanks.

  61. Strangler Says:

    Getting the following error
    Internal error! We were unable to save this transaction. Please contact us. Neither Shared Bill nor Itemized bill work…

  62. TNT Says:

    Neither the itemized bill nor the shared bill works. even the bug reporting system fails.

  63. NMP Says:

    Internal error! We were unable to save this transaction. Please contact us.

    Get this every time I try to add a bill since last week.. Please fix this as soon as you can..

  64. Strangler Says:

    Am not sure if this helps but try different browser. I was using FF on Windows and got the same error but then switched to Safari on Mac and it worked.

  65. Sachin Says:

    Billmonk is down again 😦

  66. Sachin Says:

    Can someone please look into this issue?

  67. reliable Says:

    I’m getting too many errors. Tried FF and Chrome in Windows 7 and it doesn’t let me report bills or even log out. I always get an “internal error”

  68. Pawankumar Jajara Says:

    I have tried all Browsers and it just don’t work at all. Can someone provide some update whats really wrong with BillMonk?

  69. Sachin Says:

    Again down. Is there any major problem with the server?

  70. Sachin Says:

    Again down…:(

  71. Sachin Says:

    Will be able to use Bill monk again? I doubt as seems like no one is looking into the issue. 😦

  72. Sachin Says:

    It has started working now. Ah…

  73. Jagadeesh Says:

    I am seeing it for the last 3 days and it stopped working now! the first day on Wednesday, I could login successfully and see my details. Later, while doing any transactions like Shuffle debts, report payment options it used to error out and asking for bug report. Now, it’s completely out, and couldn’t even login!

  74. Akshay Says:

    Same is not at all working for the last few days..i am trying for the last 2 days

  75. Pavan Says:

    Not working for me even !!! Its showing internal error unable to process transaction

  76. Arnab Says:

    Its showing for me too “internal error unable to process transaction, contact us”

  77. GV Says:

    Same here.. unable to report and save bill. While saving i get the message as “internal error. Unable to save transaction. Contact us”

    Has been happening for a week at least. Any updates?

  78. zacharia Says:

    Bill monk is not working for me(India) since 5 days

  79. zacharia Says:

    now it is working

  80. sneha Says:

    bill monk is down again

  81. Nikhil Says:

    Billmonk still down? 😦 Support please restore it back.. Lot of money in those accounts!

  82. AV Says:

    Please restore soon. Kind request. Lot of dependencies..

  83. abhijeet Says:

    please restore the service soon.

  84. Niraj Says:

    Please restore it… used to it.

  85. Swapnil Narlawar Says:

    Please restore it.. I have lots of amount to collect and no back up…

  86. Ajay Ravindrakumar Says:

    Billmonk not working for me. Please restore as there is lot of accounts for me and I have no backup

  87. Akash Says:

    Billmonk is down. Is this scheduled maintenance or is there a major data failure/outage?

  88. Vijay Says:

    Bill monk is unstable

  89. Vijay Says:

    Billmonk has been down for a few days now. Is this a scheduled maintenance? Please keep the users updated about this. Most of us have a lot of transactions recorded. Is there a way to retrieve the details? #Urgent

  90. Rohit Says:

    Its a great application, total life saver to keep track of our expenses especially for roomates sharing an apartment

  91. vinod Says:

    It is down since last week whats going on anybody has any idea ?

  92. harish Says:

    why this billmonk goes down often , what’s the problem with this thing

  93. jabberbuzz Says:

    can u atleast mail us a backup of our data in a any format , this would be quite crucial to us .

  94. Arun Says:

    It would be nice if there is a way to backup the data. please.

  95. kiran Says:

    Bill monk seems to be down. Any ETA ?

  96. Sergio Says:

    Can you please provide a way to retrieve the data? I love the site and I know it’s free, but loosing the data can make people loose a lot of money… I think I would prefer a payed solution to keep my money safe…

  97. Rakesh Says:

    Is somebody even reading these ? The site seems to be down and I am trying to record stuff since quite some time. If it’s going to stay down forever, atleast let us backup our transactions.

  98. KK Says:

    Site is down again !!
    I have lot transactions there .. more than 200 bucks will go for toss !!!

  99. Ankit Says:

    The website is down. Please bring it up.

  100. KK Says:

    Hey Billy guys whts up with you guys ?? bring it up for some time 😦

  101. anon Says:

    Billmonk is down again..! This is ridiculous!

  102. moony Says:

    Hey Billy guys whts up with you guys ?? bring it up for some time … been down for sooooo long this weekend….wtf…

  103. veronica Says:

    I need access to bill monk. Bill monk was telling me that my password was incorrect and it will not allow me to log in via facebook. I asked bill monk to send me a new temporary password but I have not received it in my mailbox yet. I have a great deal of data that I stored with my roommates regarding various bills and purchases. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? I contacted them a few times and I am still waiting for them to respond. Have any of you actually heard from there costumer service? Do they have a phone number?

    Thank you.

    • Udit Sharma Says:

      yeah, i am having same issue. not able to login through facebook app. This jerk is showing some “Invalid API key specified
      The app you are trying to access does not exist or has been disabled.” so i tried forgot password thing , that was also not working as i was not getting any mail. so i tried to contact their customer care for this issue and guess what i didn’t get a single response from their side.

      • veronica Says:

        Let me know if your issue ever becomes resolved. I have e-mailed bill monk a bunch and I received the emails back because apparently their e-mail address does not work. I have been locked out of bill monk for almost 5 days now. I hope they resolve this issue soon. We should at least be able to access our transaction data.

    • r b Says:

      Same problem here. I need to export my transaction data! Aaagggghhhh!!!!!

      • Udit Sharma Says:

        i am so screwed !! i have my last 6 month transaction there 😦 😦 !! No idea about getting data back. If you got anything let me know !!

    • Udit Sharma Says:

      Its up and working !!! go and download your data and run fast before it screwed again 😛 🙂

  104. SK Says:

    same problem here. unable to access and password not working. i have so much data i really really need from the monk. help help!!

  105. rishu Says:

    The bill monk page takes a hell lot of time to load. My internet speed is good every other page is loading but only billmonk page is taking a lot of time to load which is pretty annoying…………

  106. win Says:

    I have been using this site for a year now…and although things were good in the is going downhill…the website takes ages to load.I have to literally wait fifteen mins sometimes for a page to load..I have to delete the cookie in the browser sometimes even to access the site..(tried all browsers- same problems)..and then there is a “you found a bug” page which pops up randomly….I have also left these issues on that page…but i don’t know even if anyone is reading it out’s a shame..I have to search for alternatives…and I am not recommending using this site to anyone….but i don’t seem to find any with the same amount of functionality and ease of use…

  107. JI Says:

    I cannot logon anymore for last 2 days.

  108. arun Says:

    For those wanting to save your data, go to account->export and download the xml file before the site permanently goes down.

    maybe consider changing websites. my friends and I just switched to

  109. Sachin Says:

    Billmonk is again down. 😦

  110. Snehal Kharat Says:

    Get a warning on the site telling the users to backup their data. So that the site can be completely shut down. Also I just realized that some of the data there is incorrect. My home page shows that I need to collect some $ from my room mate where as on her home page she sees I need to pay her. I’m not sure whats wrong.
    But atleast let the users access their data so they can rectify.

    People rely heavily on your website.
    so before shutting down atleast make sure there is a warning.

    Because this screws up our lives.

  111. georgevreilly Says:

    If BillMonk ever comes back up, i’m going to try SplitWise’s BillMonk Importer:

    BillMonk used to be great. No longer.

  112. KK Says:

    So true but Splitwise does lots of adjustments some of them hard to understand …

  113. laren Says:

    Billmonk i miss you. splitwise is so confusing…

  114. suhredayan Says:

    The site is down because their SSL certificate got revoked by the issuer, and the browsers by default will not allow to access such sites. The work around that I used to login and backup my data was:

    1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Menu->Tools -> Internet Options.
    2. Select the advanced tab, and scroll down to the security section.
    3. Uncheck the box “Check for server certificate revocation”.
    4. Click Apply and Ok.
    5. Restart the Internet Explorer.
    6. Try access the website (, it should go through fine.

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    I get an error message when I try to log in with my credentials.

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