friends.png Know where you stand

Borrowing is awkward because people forget.

The Friends page tells you the money and things you need to collect and return. There is an overall summary at the top [1], and below that is a break-down by each friend [2].

For example, Bob owes you two books and you owe Bob $30.50.

person_summary.png Drill down for details

When you drill-down for details about a particular friend, you see the money transactions between the two of you [1], as well as the stuff that you are borrowing and have loaned out [2].

You owe Bob for gas and the cable bill, and he owes you for lunch. We do the math to find the balance: $30.50.

shared_bill.png Report bills

Splitting bills is easy.

First, give us some basic details, starting with the total bill amount [1]. (This can be in any currency).

Then tell us who paid and who participated [2].

We assume that the bill is split evenly, and will do the math. But you can choose exact amounts when you need to [3].

You can also tell us about loans and payments.

library_add.png Borrow or lend items

Add things to your library, and then share them.

Add an item by describing it in a few simple steps [1]. You can describe it yourself, or you can search for it in the catalog [2].

library_detail.png You can lend friends the things in your library. [1]. If you add your item from, we automatically get the full item details from their catalog [2].
library.png The shared library

The library page shows things in your library and things in your friends’ libraries. Use the library to both track borrowing and also to browse a potentially large shared collection.

Click on an item to see details, or to check it out, check it in, or request it.

Looking for a movie to watch this weekend? Click on “movie” and browse everyone’s videos [1].

The item status tells you which things are checked out, and by whom [2].

The way of BillMonk

BillMonk helps friends avoid the awkwardness of borrowing and sharing.

We are an impartial 3rd party that everyone can trust to track what’s fair. Like a bulletin-board, what we track is entirely informal. Our goal is to simplify the things you already do, not to force you to change your behavior.

We treasure privacy and abhor spam. If you invite a friend, they get one invitation email. You control how much or how little email you receive.

BillMonk has a wealth of features, including:

  • Money
    • Support for mixed currencies (great for trips abroad)
    • Record bills on the go via your cell phone
    • Download a spreadsheet of your transaction history
    • Use tags to categorize expenses
  • Library
    • Manage who sees your collection
    • Add items from the catalog
    • Sell or gift items (useful if things are lost)
    • Import existing libraries with bulk-add
    • Browse your friends’ collections

And of course, all this is free!


One Response to “Tour”

  1. NJ Says:

    not able to access the website since 2 week now. Every time I try to open the webpage, it takes me to the “you have found a bug. Please report it” page.

    Any suggestions how should I fix this. I have so many bills in there and more to enter.


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