Library search

We’re pleased to say that there is now a search box to the library page. This makes it easy to find if someone has a copy of the “Da Vinci Code” you can borrow, or where all your “Miyazaki DVD” movies are.


2 Responses to “Library search”

  1. bob Says:

    Offtopic, but i was wondering if you guys had heard of I found it while searching for other billsharing sites. It’s older and not as polished as billmonk, but I was curious if you got any ideas from them.

  2. billmonk Says:

    Interesting – nope, we hadn’t seen them before. Unbeknownst to us, there have been a couple of web sites, including grouptab, 1999-2005 which offered group-centric balance tracking. BillMonk’s big difference (besides our interface) is that it is friends-centric, so you’re not locked into set groups.

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